Reed Reads 2018

You should never trust a writer who doesn’t read. With that in mind, we thought we’d share the best books…

Orlaith Wood
7 December 2018

Double the craic

I’m Andrea and I’m terrible at talking about myself. Remember that ‘getting to know you’ game teachers would make you…

Andrea Dunne
21 September 2018

The awkward greeting

The sweaty hand clasp. The handshake-meets-hug. The double cheek kiss. Or even worse – the triple cheek kiss. It’s uncomfortably…

Jade Barrett
5 September 2018

Our new digital writing lead

We do all sorts of writing at Reed Words. We name things. We help brands find and use their voices.…

Samuel Pollen
1 June 2018

Writers: we’re hiring!

We’re hiring again. We need a mid-weight writer, with around three or four years’ experience, to join our team in…

Mike Reed
1 May 2018

In with the new

When I was a teenager, like every teenager, I wanted a nickname. I didn’t mind much what that nickname was.…

Samuel Pollen
9 February 2018

Better business writing

Classic millennial that I am, the thought of picking up the phone to have an actual conversation fills me with…

Orlaith Wood
10 November 2017

Welcome, Orlaith!

The first week of September. That back-to-school smell is in the air. Leaves are beginning to change colour, uniforms have…

Mike Reed
5 September 2017

On the inside track

The IAAF World Championships is the biggest event in athletics besides the Olympic Games. For this year’s Worlds, in London,…

Samuel Pollen
18 August 2017

How to write as a "Human" brand

Conversational Your teacher may have taught you not to start sentences with And or But. Forget it! To really sound…

Afy Nou
14 July 2017

Remembering Cannes

It’s not often you get to share a stage with a French strategist, a British artist and a neuroscientist from…

Mike Reed
30 June 2017

Be our new writer

We need a mid-weight copywriter.  Six-month contract, hopefully becoming permanent. Salary negotiable, depending on experience. Start as soon as possible.  …

Mike Reed
22 June 2017

Peculiar rocks

In June, I’ll be part of a panel at the Cannes Lions festival, talking about how language and visual design…

Mike Reed
26 May 2017

Sorry not sorry

This is a picture of Simon Webbe, copywriter. You might know him as Simon Webbe, seminal – perhaps most seminal…

Tom Tytherleigh
12 May 2017

Three things I loved at #DandAD2017

Judges are sober, thoughtful, and methodical. Like Anubis weighing a heart, they hold the fate of dozens of creatives in…

Samuel Pollen
28 April 2017

An interview with a copywriter

We all know the cliché. That writers are shy, retreating types. That they’re not so amazing in social situations –…

Afy Nou
13 April 2017

I am brand

Charlie, Oscar, Grace, Clara, Alfred, Lulu, Benny, Ginger. If that sounds like the register at your local primary school, it’s…

Tom Tytherleigh
24 March 2017

On moving

Brief corporate announcement: we’ve moved office. No big deal. No need to make a scene. After all, it’s not like…

Sam Russell
10 March 2017

My eBay romance

Last year, I had a… thing. A fling. With eBay. It began really flirty and nice. But then he got……

Afy Nou
24 February 2017

What Tracey taught me

I was in San Francisco last week, amid the hills and the fog and the startups, working on exciting things…

Samuel Pollen
10 February 2017

Post-it notes

I’m not a copywriter. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned working with writers, it’s that they like words. And…

Lisa Wenske
27 January 2017

The new new

Once, new meant new. The opposite of old. New was exciting. It was something you hadn’t seen before. It was…

Samuel Pollen
13 January 2017

The perfect voice guidelines

Eight bright sparks, three years as an agency, more decades of combined experience than we care to mention, and we've…

Tom Tytherleigh
16 December 2016

So here it is

Christmas – again! It’s practically an annual event these days. Last night was our Christmas party, which began with a…

Mike Reed
9 December 2016

It’s Not Bad That

My delightful colleague Thomas Tytherleigh has written a truly wonderful piece on the matter of My dear chum Tommy T…

Sam Russell
11 November 2016

Instant naming:
just add writer

Earlier this year I was at the Brand Nieuwe Conference in Amsterdam – the inaugural European cousin of the US-based Brand…

Mike Reed
28 October 2016

No more tofu

We name things. Have you noticed? Hope so. Because, recently, we’ve been trying well ’ard to remind you. The reason…

Tom Tytherleigh
21 October 2016

Don’t be a Hungry Aphid

Getting a name right first time round is tough. Take Innocent Drinks. After nearly two decades of smoothie domination, there’s…

Sam Russell
14 October 2016

10 brand names that failed to translate

Okay folks, it's time for some brand name translation fails. So hinsetzen, relájate and amusez-vous bien. TL;DR: genitals.   1…

Afy Nou
7 October 2016

Enough with the banter

Names. Tricky things. Take this restaurant near our office. I haven’t eaten there, but whenever I walk by I think,…

Sam Russell
23 September 2016

Mr. Snooty Learns His Lesson

I like lots of things about Transport for London. The whoosh of a train coming down the tunnel. The sardonic…

Sam Russell
2 September 2016

Because one Sam is never enough

Eating a croissant. Simple, right? Something a well-adjusted adult on his first day at a new job should take in…

Mike Reed
12 August 2016

Good bad writing

  ZERO TO IT SWAG THROUGH IT   The sort of crude, grating, grammatically petulant, meaning-deficient, two fingers up to the…

Tom Tytherleigh
22 July 2016

Brand Nieuwe Conference

Last week I was in Amsterdam for the first ever Brand New Conference for Europe. (Hence the Brand Nieuwe.) And…

Mike Reed
1 July 2016

Winning a Lion

We’re thrilled to say that the Argos Simple Value packaging we wrote with The Partners has won a Silver for…

Mike Reed
23 June 2016

Sorel's new stories

They say there’s a boot in everything Sorel makes. Shoes, sandals and slippers. Jackets. Hats. Yes, there’s a boot in…

Afy Nou
17 June 2016

When a man loves a wall

You may have heard that Donald Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. He’s very…

Samuel Pollen
10 June 2016

Subject: relationships

Can I tell you about this relationship I had…?! Is that too unprofessional? It was a weird one. Hardly know where to start…

Afy Nou
3 June 2016

Creatives, gather

Yeah, go on. Gather. Gather your work, and gather your wits, and gather your most talented friends and your most…

Tom Tytherleigh
27 May 2016

A nice way to put it

I'm a big believer in the power of words. I think words can do amazing things. For people. For companies.…

Samuel Pollen
12 May 2016

Talking architecture

In my brief time at Reed Words, I’ve done some writing. Some of that writing’s been about architects. And in…

Tom Tytherleigh
6 May 2016

A proud announcement

We’ve won some awards. Our work on Simple Value by Argos has won us two D&AD pencils. One in Writing for…

Afy Nou
28 April 2016

We need a new Writer

Update: sorry, this vacancy is (happily) no longer a vacancy.... Hello, copywriters. Come and work for us, why don’t you?…

Mike Reed
20 April 2016

D&AD judging, part #1

The D&AD awards are in (partial) swing. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been doing some online judging in Writing for…

Afy Nou
7 April 2016

Shameless press round-up

We saw our work for Inside Source and Hello Student featured in a few places this week. ‘Which places??!?!’ I hear you cry. Well…

Afy Nou
18 March 2016

Will write for money

I get asked lots of questions about being a copywriter. The conversation normally goes something like this:   ‘What do…

Tom Coleman
3 March 2016

Public service broadcast

The NHS. Precious national treasure, or rusty public sinkhole? Standard bearer or falling standards? Groundbreaking, broken? Cameron or Corbyn? Jeremy…

Tom Tytherleigh
26 February 2016

Kill your ego

Ah, the ego. Gets a pretty bad rap, generally, doesn’t it? But without it, our little life-bearing celestial anomaly would…

Tom Coleman
19 February 2016

The awards problem

Nick Hynes, the Head of Verbal Identity at Elmwood, has written a call for copywriting entries for this year’s D&AD…

Samuel Pollen
5 February 2016

Tell me why

‘If you have to explain an idea, it’s not a good idea. Good work should speak for itself.’ If you…

Samuel Pollen
4 February 2016

Plan your leap day

Recently, our friends at Mucho asked us to help out with the year planner they send out as a self-promotional…

Mike Reed
2 February 2016

On ‘shipping’

I learnt a new word the other day. My sister (who is 17 and cool) and I (who am neither…

Afy Nou
22 January 2016

An interview with Mike

I’ve been interviewed by Dads And Design, the website for – well, the clue’s in the niftily acronymable* name, really. Thanks…

Mike Reed
21 January 2016

On focus groups

Six people walk into a room. You invite them to sit down, offer them tea and coffee and biscuits. You…

Samuel Pollen
13 January 2016

Brand new you

It’s January. That five is now a six. Christmas has been and gone, and with it the last vestiges of…

Tom Tytherleigh
5 January 2016

Fear Down Under

Ah, Australia, with your funny version of rugby, your positive inflections and your impressive selection of potently venomous reptiles. Here’s…

Tom Coleman
22 December 2015

Our perfect Christmas

What a lovely surprise to see our 2015 Christmas card on Creative Review’s blog this morning. We were thrilled to have managed…

Mike Reed
21 December 2015

Stop being unique

‘Unique’. One of those words you see so often, it’s lost its meaning. Like ‘discover’ or ‘luxury’. Unique, like everyone…

Afy Nou
9 December 2015

Collaboration is beautiful...

All by oneself John Steinbeck never kept his narrators on a tight leash. His books brim with digressions and diversions,…

Samuel Pollen
9 December 2015

Meet our latest Tom

Hello. I’m Tom, the new writer at Reed Words. The new Tom at Reed Words, for that matter. Which, three…

Mike Reed
20 October 2015

New work for Tictail

We’re delighted to reveal some of the work we’ve been doing with Tictail, the online store platform. Tictail spoke to…

Mike Reed
30 July 2015

Meet Lisa Wenske

It’s 9.00am Monday morning. I’m standing in Soho Square facing a tall, brick building with an elegant black door. It’s…

Mike Reed
28 July 2015

Tom’s our new writer

It’s 8:47 am and I am at Waterloo Underground station. I am stood on a moving floor, stuck in my…

Mike Reed
21 July 2015

We’re hiring

Things are getting seriously busy here. Which is great — but we need some help. So we’re hiring again. We need…

Mike Reed
26 May 2015

How we unlocked art

Following on from our recent post, we’re delighted to be able to reveal more of our work with new global…

Mike Reed
18 May 2015

A new voice in art

It’s great to be able finally to reveal a hint of the work we’ve been doing with The Cultivist, a…

Mike Reed
1 April 2015

We’re up for an award

We’re delighted to hear that the moving card we helped write for our friends Baxter & Bailey has been nominated…

Mike Reed
12 March 2015

A fluff-free mailer

We’ve created a new DM piece for Acquire, the global mobile learning company, in partnership with Mucho in San Francisco. And it’s…

Mike Reed
4 March 2015

Adding drama to Dara

Last night we all went along to see a preview of Dara, a new play at the National Theatre. It…

Mike Reed
22 February 2015

62-word wonders

Mike and I are taking part in a fascinating new project with writer’s association 26 and the Foundling Museum in…

Mike Reed
4 February 2015

Articulating Argos

It’s not every day you get to help relaunch a British high–street institution. But that’s just what we’ve been up…

Mike Reed
29 January 2015

Accentuate the negative

At this time of year, positivity is infectious. The streets are abuzz with excited talk of new diets, new exercise…

Samuel Pollen
12 January 2015

Travelling beautifully

We’re delighted to lift the lid on one of our weightier recent jobs: these two brochures for high–end cruise company…

Mike Reed
18 November 2014

Copy's dead. Maybe.

The older heads say nothing is like it used to be. The younger heads fizz with the excitement of everything…

Mike Reed
5 November 2014

Life at full volume

We’ve been doing a lot more work for the London Symphony Orchestra of late, which is always a great pleasure.…

Mike Reed
27 October 2014

Creepy words

Now and then we get to write something entirely unrelated to commercial copy, which makes a change. This time, Mike…

Mike Reed
20 October 2014

Likely not the last word

The Last Word, a series of events exploring writing in the digital world, began this week. We went. We saw…

Mike Reed
9 October 2014

A pox on pedants

Pinker and the brain Steven Pinker was in town this week. He’s one of the world’s foremost psycholinguists: an expert…

Mike Reed
26 September 2014

Hello, tomorrow

We’re incredibly proud to announce that we’ve been working with Landor Associates in New York on the branding of the…

Mike Reed
20 August 2014

Laura's our new lynchpin

You had me at ‘Hello’. Or, in the case of Reed Words, at ‘Studio Manager / Project Manager / Lynchpin.’…

Mike Reed
30 July 2014

Meet Afy, our new writer

It’s my second day at Reed Words, and I’ve already scribbled down some ad ideas, had my croissant and eaten…

Mike Reed
8 July 2014

It's good to be British

Mike has written a piece for Design Week about the apparent desire to recruit British creative talent in the US.…

Mike Reed
2 July 2014

Our biggest words yet

There’s exciting progress at Alconbury Weald, the vast redevelopment in Cambridgeshire that we branded in partnership with Northbank. The Incubator,…

Mike Reed
20 March 2014

Standing out on the Tube

Walk the passageways of the London Underground right now, and you’ll encounter some arresting images, overlaid with words containing a…

Mike Reed
17 March 2014

Watch words

Congratulations to our Abu Dhabi client, Al Manara International Jewellery, who have just launched their new website — featuring some…

Mike Reed
28 February 2014

We've doubled our team

It’s my first day at Reed Words… I walk up to the front door, press the buzzer sheepishly, hair carefully…

Mike Reed
24 February 2014


Last week, I was lucky enough to be one of the five panellists at D&AD’s New Blood Pencil Panel. Our…

Mike Reed
10 February 2014

A new-look Design Council

The new Design Council website launched yesterday, and we’re delighted to say that we helped write the core copy. (Design…

Mike Reed
5 February 2014

Judging for Design Week

I’ve been invited to judge the Design Week Awards this year, for the first time. Naturally, I’m extremely honoured and…

Mike Reed
3 February 2014

The music took us to...

Thanks to Ginette Lavell of Creatie magazine in the Netherlands for sending me this spread (PDF) featuring the Barbican campaign…

Mike Reed
15 January 2014

Start spreading the news

TriplAgent is a new travel app, the full website for which just went live — bearing some Reed Words copy,…

Mike Reed
5 December 2013

What's the story?

You hear a lot about ‘storytelling’ these days. But can the description ‘story’ really be applied to almost anything? Fellow…

Mike Reed
19 November 2013

Mike in motion

Here’s D&AD’s video of the 2013 Black Pencil judging, in which I was very proud to be involved as Foreman…

Mike Reed
8 November 2013

That talk in full...

My recent talk for the Northern Ireland Design Alliance (NIDA)’s Anatomy of Design series is now up on their website.…

Mike Reed
16 October 2013

Chinwagging in Belfast

Exciting news: I’ve been invited by the Northern Ireland Design Alliance (NIDA) to speak in Belfast on September 26. My…

Mike Reed
1 September 2013

Helping the RLSB

The Royal London Society for the Blind is a long–established charity — in fact, it celebrates its 175th anniversary this…

Mike Reed
15 August 2013

Mike's in Design Week

Design Week very kindly asked me to write a piece about how the place of writing in design has changed…

Mike Reed
2 August 2013

Google's found poetry

A while back I discovered Google Poetics, an inspired idea for creating ‘found poetry’ through the Google search bar. The…

Mike Reed
2 July 2013

A better way to pay

This week sees the launch of a new service from WorldPay — with branding by SomeOne and copy by Reed…

Mike Reed
26 June 2013


More thoughts following the D&AD Awards, where I was lucky enough to be Foreman of the Jury for Writing for…

Mike Reed
14 June 2013

A triumph for writing

Something rather magnificent happened last night. Something I never really thought would, or perhaps even could, happen. A Writing for…

Mike Reed
13 June 2013


10 years ago, much as I shudder to acknowledge that span, I wrote a poster for the first ever exhibition…

Mike Reed
15 May 2013

Howlers and corkers

I’ve been lucky enough to be on the D&AD Writing for Design jury twice before. But this year was extra–special:…

Mike Reed
6 May 2013

A gold Rose

Great news from this year’s Roses Awards — our friends and collaborators at SB Studio scooped five awards — including…

Mike Reed
3 May 2013

The first ever Meddle

Our client Ted Pearlman has some crazy ideas, and this was one of the craziest. It says a lot about…

Mike Reed
20 April 2013

Pentagram anagrams

This is exciting: we’ve written some new posters for the AIGA in San Francisco. When Mike was in the US…

Mike Reed
1 April 2013

Nike responds

So, Jo Tacon and I both wrote to Nike, to alert them to the Pistorius project by The Drum, the…

Mike Reed
7 March 2013

The genius of GOV.UK

GOV.UK, the new face of the UK Government online, is – surely against all the odds – a model of…

Mike Reed
18 December 2012

For little treasures

Just in time for Christmas, our new client Bobby Rabbit has launched online – with a strapline by us. Founder…

Mike Reed
13 November 2012

The art of foremanning

It’s high time I posted the very exciting news that D&AD have asked me to be Foreman of the Writing…

Mike Reed
12 November 2012

Heading west

So, this is exciting. I have a great new client in the US, and thanks to him I’m off across…

Mike Reed
31 October 2012

No more day rates

Update – 28/08/14: This piece was written by Mike when he was still working alone as a freelancer, hence that…

Mike Reed
17 September 2012

Meeting of Minds

For a few years now brand and business consultant Jan Casey has been hosting Meeting of Minds: an annual gathering…

Mike Reed
18 May 2011
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