I am brand

Charlie, Oscar, Grace, Clara, Alfred, Lulu, Benny, Ginger. If that sounds like the register at your local primary school, it’s…

Tom Tytherleigh
24 March 2017

My eBay romance

Last year, I had a… thing. A fling. With eBay. It began really flirty and nice. But then he got……

Afy Nou
24 February 2017

What Tracey taught me

I was in San Francisco last week, amid the hills and the fog and the startups, working on exciting things…

Sam Palin
10 February 2017

The new new

Once, new meant new. The opposite of old. New was exciting. It was something you hadn’t seen before. It was…

Sam Palin
13 January 2017

No more tofu

We name things. Have you noticed? Hope so. Because, recently, we’ve been trying well ’ard to remind you. The reason…

Tom Tytherleigh
21 October 2016

Don’t be a Hungry Aphid

Getting a name right first time round is tough. Take Innocent Drinks. After nearly two decades of smoothie domination, there’s…

Sam Russell
14 October 2016

Enough with the banter

Names. Tricky things. Take this restaurant near our office. I haven’t eaten there, but whenever I walk by I think,…

Sam Russell
23 September 2016

Mr. Snooty Learns His Lesson

I like lots of things about Transport for London. The whoosh of a train coming down the tunnel. The sardonic…

Sam Russell
2 September 2016

Good bad writing

  ZERO TO IT SWAG THROUGH IT   The sort of crude, grating, grammatically petulant, meaning-deficient, two fingers up to the…

Tom Tytherleigh
22 July 2016

When a man loves a wall

You may have heard that Donald Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. He’s very…

Sam Palin
10 June 2016
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