Double the craic

I’m Andrea and I’m terrible at talking about myself. Remember that ‘getting to know you’ game teachers would make you…

Andrea Dunne
21 September 2018

An interview with a copywriter

We all know the cliché. That writers are shy, retreating types. That they’re not so amazing in social situations –…

Afy Nou
13 April 2017

My eBay romance

Last year, I had a… thing. A fling. With eBay. It began really flirty and nice. But then he got……

Afy Nou
24 February 2017

Post-it notes

I’m not a copywriter. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned working with writers, it’s that they like words. And…

Lisa Wenske
27 January 2017

Mr. Snooty Learns His Lesson

I like lots of things about Transport for London. The whoosh of a train coming down the tunnel. The sardonic…

Sam Russell
2 September 2016

Subject: relationships

Can I tell you about this relationship I had…?! Is that too unprofessional? It was a weird one. Hardly know where to start…

Afy Nou
3 June 2016

Public service broadcast

The NHS. Precious national treasure, or rusty public sinkhole? Standard bearer or falling standards? Groundbreaking, broken? Cameron or Corbyn? Jeremy…

Tom Tytherleigh
26 February 2016

Creepy words

Now and then we get to write something entirely unrelated to commercial copy, which makes a change. This time, Mike…

Mike Reed
20 October 2014

Google's found poetry

A while back I discovered Google Poetics, an inspired idea for creating ‘found poetry’ through the Google search bar. The…

Mike Reed
2 July 2013
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