Creatives, gather

Tom Tytherleigh
27 May 2016

Yeah, go on. Gather.

Gather your work, and gather your wits, and gather your most talented friends and your most tolerable colleagues.

Because there’s a new social network that could change the way we (creative professionals) interact (work together) forever.

It’s called: Gather.

Gather brings creatives together. To create. Together.

And when we say creatives, we mean it – in all its pesky, non-committal vagueness. Because whether you’re a writer, designer, developer or amorphous maker, Gather doesn’t discriminate. It’s here for professionals of all persuasions.

To match you, based on your location. Help you find new contacts. Display what you do. And get things done. Together.

And our part in all this?

We helped Line Industries build a highly-architected, full stack framework that mines location-based data to facilitate GPRS-enabled, cross-channel, peer-to-peer sharing amongst creative end users.

Not really. We just did the words.

You can see them – and sign up – here.

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