Creeping towards Hallowe'en

Mike Reed
20 October 2014

Now and then we get to write something entirely unrelated to commercial copy, which makes a change. This time, Mike got the chance to write a ghost story for 26, the writer’s association.

Fellow 26 member Kate van der Borgh came up with the idea of a Hallowe’en project, pairing 13 writers with 13 illustrators to create a series of spine–chilling tales in the lead–up to Hallowe’en.

The results are at the 26 Ghosts website. And we’re chuffed to reveal that Mike’s story, ‘Sardines’, was chosen to kick the whole thing off.

It was helped along enormously by an illustration (partially glimpsed above) from designer Mark Wheatcroft, an old friend of Reed Words.

Have a read — we’d love to know what you think.

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