D&AD judging, part #1

Afy Nou
7 April 2016

The D&AD awards are in (partial) swing. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been doing some online judging in Writing for Design.

So, let me tell you about the entries so far.

Not that I’m really supposed to yet.


Okay, so I’ve seen some posters. Posters with words on them. And I’ve seen websites, with words in them. Graphics with words in them. Packaging. With words on it. I’ve seen a few videos as well, those had words too – in them and over them.

Some of those words have been longer than others. Some have been sweet. Some have been bizarre. Others, witty.

A lot of the words have been, you know, fine. Not really the original and inspiring stuff D&AD asks for. Just… fine.

Some of the words I’ve seen so far:

– Trophy
– Illusion
– The
– Swallowable
– Moss
– Toast
– Binoculars

There’ll be more words at the Festival – in context and everything.

And I’ll keep you posted on the judging.

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