Looking forward to judging for Design Week

Mike Reed
3 February 2014

I’ve been invited to judge the Design Week Awards this year, for the first time.

Naturally, I’m extremely honoured and excited to be among a pretty stellar line–up of design folk.

But thrown the question ‘Why are you looking forward to judging the Design Week Awards?’ I have been captured on camera admitting that basically it’s all about how great it is for me.

Ah well, what can you do? It is great for me, let’s be honest. What could be bad about spending some time talking about the work we do with some of the industry’s sharpest minds?

But it’s good for the industry too (which I managed to squeeze into the video as an aside): awards, for all the pasting they get, still allow us to stop and reflect on what’s happening around us creatively, to look at what might happen next, and to put some markers in the ground about what we — at least, what each year’s judges — feel constitutes exceptional work.

If only I’d said that at the time.

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