Meet Orlaith, our newest writer

Mike Reed
5 September 2017

The first week of September. That back-to-school smell is in the air. Leaves are beginning to change colour, uniforms have been ironed, lunchboxes packed. And I, too, am sharpening my pencils. It’s my first day at Reed Words.

I’ve got the day one jitters. What if my new colleagues don’t like me? What if they can’t pronounce my awkward name*? What if no one wants to sit with me at lunch?

I had nothing to worry about, as it happens. Everyone is lovely. I am greeted with coffee, croissants, and the heady aroma of hashish wafting up from the bike sheds (welcome to Soho).

Sam R smiles; he’s no longer the new kid.


Bonjour, dia daoibh, hi

That’s me saying hello in my various languages.

I’ve been writing for brands for the past five years, first in Belfast, then in Shoreditch. Naming, positioning and advertising all sorts of clients, from charities to investment banks, and construction companies to wedding list suppliers.

I’m delighted to have passed the entrance exams to come and help Reed Words write the world’s brightest words. I hope I make the grade.


*It’s Or-la. The ‘ith’ is silent. It could be worse – some Orlas spell it Orfhlaith.

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