Meet our new Project Manager: Lisa Wenske

Mike Reed
28 July 2015

It’s 9.00am Monday morning. I’m standing in Soho Square facing a tall, brick building with an elegant black door. It’s raining. I’m half an hour early for my first day at Reed Words.

Sheltering under a tree, I focus on my breathing to calm myself down. It seems like only a couple of months ago I was a student in Leipzig, Germany, suffering Existenzangst about where my life would go.

Oh right: it was.

9.25am. I press the doorbell to be let into the building. I’m weighing up whether to go straight into the office or check in at reception first, when I run into Tom.

“Would you like something to drink? Maybe a cup of tea?”

“Yes, please,” I say in a voice that sounds too high in my head.

I’m endlessly grateful to have somewhere to put my hands, so I hold the cup with both while I follow him into the office. I’m pointed to a shiny new desk where a shiny new MacBook is waiting, in anticipation, just like me. Soon, other people arrive. They greet me every bit as cheerfully as Tom did. And make me more cups of tea.

Hallo and Guten Tag, I’m Lisa, the new Junior Project Manager at Reed Words. I’m here to learn all about office organization and management of the many colourful projects that come through the studio.

My mission is to maintain the framework through which the creativity at Reed Words flows. Following Laura’s lead, I’ll learn how to manage the many projects that come through the doors of this small but spectacular agency – as well as learning the whereabouts of Soho’s best lunch spots.

As my first day unfolds, I’m introduced to a stream of to–do lists, spreadsheets, briefs, proposals, tone of voice guidelines, client files and documents. It’s exhilarating and intense, but stops just short of overwhelming. The cheery atmosphere in the office helps, the conversations that bubble up every half hour or so reminding me that my new colleagues are sympathetic and interesting.

Invoice. Spreadsheet. Brief. Proposal. Blog post. Blog post? I’m fresh off the boat, what do I have to write? Guidelines. Invoice. My concentration is interrupted at 17.35.

“So, all done. How was your first day?”

As I step through the elegant black door, I think about that question more deeply. In German, I collect my thoughts.

Das wird gut.

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