Meet our new writer: Tom Coleman

Mike Reed
21 July 2015

It’s 8:47 am and I am at Waterloo Underground station.

I am stood on a moving floor, stuck in my own tedious purgatory of never ending queues.

It’s hot and sticky; my shirt is clutching at my breast and my hair is plastered to my forehead. The piercing screech of the train braking system drowns out the cacophony of shuffling and muffled semi–conversations.

The doors open. A wave of important young fresh–faced graduates in slim–fitting suits rush out.

I step on to the train and within half an hour arrive at the front door of 36 Soho Square.

OK, so I’m at the office. It’s now 9:16 am.

Imagine being me, for a moment. Imagine being in my shoes.

You are now me. Your palms are clammy. Your throat is a little dry. You might vomit. (Granola and natural yogurt suddenly feels like a poor choice of breakfast.)

You tentatively push the buzzer, and stutter your name (which is Tom, or T–T–Tom) and the reason you’re here (which is to start your employment as a writer). You have not been this nervous since you went on that disastrous date with the intellectual heavyweight from your history seminar. (Note: Do not ever claim to know anything about the Napoleonic wars when you do, in fact, know nothing.)

Everybody is warm and welcoming and you are offered coffee.

So, hello. Yes, hello. My name’s Tom and I am the new human at Reed Words.

I write things. Then rewrite them. Then rewrite them. And I’m lucky enough to be working with a great team of people that tell me when to stop rewriting things and to go home. ‘It’ll still be here in the morning,’ they say. ‘Stop rewriting things, Tom,’ they say, in tremendous unison. ‘We’re getting worried about you because all you do is rewrite things and it’s quite weird.’
I’m really happy to be here.
Tom is too modest to explain that before joining us he worked as Writer for Hiut Denim and The Do Lectures, alongside the founder of both, David Hieatt (also of Howies fame).
Before that, Tom was Writer & Brand Manager for Hieatt’s award–winning 25 Mile Restaurant – a role he essentially created for himself.
We couldn’t be more delighted that he’s brought the fruits of that exceptional experience to the Reed Words team. Welcome, Tom!
– MR

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