Meet our new writer: Tom Tytherleigh

Mike Reed
20 October 2015

Hello. I’m Tom, the new writer at Reed Words. The new Tom at Reed Words, for that matter.

Which, three days in, is gently wreaking havoc. Internal comms are on the ropes. On account of that troublingly common first name, emails have had to be changed, nicknames sought and unsought, and more lists drawn and redrawn than on a Monday morning at Buzzfeed.

So for the sake of ease, really, I should introduce myself as Tom T. Or maybe travelling Tom. Since finishing my studies, that’s been what I’ve been doing.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been macpacking my way across London, going from one coffee shop to another, and generally leaving no stone–baked good unturned in my quest for, well, just a decent place to work. Along the way, I’ve squeezed in a bit of writing and design for a couple of start–ups, too.

It’s been fun. But when Mike got in touch, and said there might be room for one more, naturally I jumped at the opportunity. A few weeks later, here I am. No longer jumping, just sitting. At a real office desk, in a real office office, with real proper colleagues who are really, properly good at what they do.

I should probably reassure you, and boast that the bin beside my desk is towered high with used ink cartridges and drafted copy. But the truth is, they’ve broken me in gently. Just a couple of case studies to provide light relief from the monotony of welcome lunches and post–work drinks.

They warn me this won’t go on, of course. There’s a shower in the office, they even caution.

We’ll have to see. But, for now, I can’t think of a better place to park my pen.

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