My Henry Fonda moment

Mike Reed
12 November 2012

It’s high time I posted the very exciting news that D&AD have asked me to be Foreman of the Writing For Design jury next year. This is big news indeed.

I’ve been on the jury twice (in 2009 and 2011), and it’s a great thing to do. Both times I’ve been impressed by how seriously the process is taken, how intelligent the debates are, and how open people are to having their minds changed.

Being Foreman is something else, though – and as daunting as it is exciting. The Foreman for 2011 was Innocent’s Dan Germain, and a more generous, inspiring leader it would be difficult to imagine. Those feel like big shoes, but at least I have Dan’s example as a guide. I also have this tweet of advice from him:

Which is typically self–deprecating and funny, and therefore bugger all use to me.

Last year’s Foreman, Jim Davies, wrote a good post about the experience, but again is far too modest to go into his Foremanning technique, if indeed he had one.

I suspect, as Dan implies, the quality of the other judges will make my job easier than I have a right to expect.

And in any case, it will surely be less fraught than my only other time as a Foreman of a jury, which was at Guildford County Court on a very delicate case indeed. I’ll keep that in mind for perspective.

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