New work for Acquire

Mike Reed
4 March 2015

We’ve created a new DM piece for Acquire, the global mobile learning company, in partnership with Mucho in San Francisco. And it’s going down a storm.

Acquire (formerly Qooco) offer digital training tools for hospitality staff, helping them develop a range of skills, including languages.

Acquire’s mobile platform allows people to learn whenever and wherever suits them. That saves the employer the time and hassle of trying to get everyone together in the same room, deal with absentees, send out follow–up material, keep printed folders up to date — all that fun stuff.

The client needed a high–impact DM piece that would excite prospective clients to come and visit them at their conference booth in Berlin.

So, working with Mucho, that’s exactly what we gave them: a simple, beautifully produced — and beautifully written — flyer.

Acquire 2

Unlike many projects, this was one of those where success would be quickly, and powerfully, measured: would it convince people to turn up at Acquire’s booth? Would it generate positive leads?


Well, it did. The client has reported exceptional feedback, and is thrilled with how well the piece has performed for them.

Which makes us very happy. It’s about service, after all.


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