New work for the AIGA

Mike Reed
1 April 2013

This is exciting: we’ve written some new posters for the AIGA in San Francisco.

When Mike was in the US earlier this year, he met Rob Duncan of what was Dowling Duncan — and is now now Mucho.

Rob is also Education Co–Chair for the AIGA in SF, and invited us to work with him on a new poster brief for them. As you’d expect, we tore his arm off.

The posters are to promote an AIGA lecture series: three lectures by Pixar, Pentagram, and Ammunition, who are telling the story of their design for Beats by Dr Dre.

That all fell rather neatly into a three–part headline you can’t help but read the wrong way.

The image above is stolen from Mucho’s Twitter. The posters have now been printed, as you can see, and we’re waiting excitedly for our file copies. You can see the posters in our Portfolio.

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