New work for the launch of WorldPay Zinc

Mike Reed
26 June 2013

This week sees the launch of a new service from WorldPay — with branding by SomeOne and copy by Reed Words.

WorldPay is the UK’s top payments provider and a bit of a global giant. Its new service, WorldPay Zinc, is a revolutionary one, putting credit card payments in the hands of small businesses.

It’s a clever little service. You get a keypad that pairs via Bluetooth with an app on your phone or tablet. Which means you can take card payments anywhere you get a decent signal. A boon for anyone like plumbers, decorators or private therapists who move around a lot.

Just being able to take card payments at all will make a huge difference to these sorts of businesses. For one thing, it reduces the nightmare of chasing payments, as the customer pays on the spot. Which I’m sure will be enough on its own to sell truckloads of the things.

Our friends at SomeOne created the name and the visual branding, and invited us in to work with them and the client on a whole raft of copy — from the website to iOS and Android user guides.

It was one of those services that’s all about making busy people’s lives easier. So we kept the copy as simple and clear as we could. No fancy chit–chat, no twiddly bits. Just clarity and help. (Hopefully.)

We predict big things for WorldPay Zinc. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

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