New work for the Royal London Society for the Blind

Mike Reed
15 August 2013

The Royal London Society for the Blind is a long–established charity — in fact, it celebrates its 175th anniversary this year.

They help blind children and young people, and their families, in a host of different ways. And now they want to create a purpose–built centre in London where those young people and their loved ones can go to learn, relax, socialise and find a range of useful services.

Sighted youngsters can ‘hang out’ pretty much where they like, but if you’re a blind teenager, for example, your choices are dramatically limited. Many end up stuck indoors, and become isolated — just at the time they most want and need to be out there, making friends and building a life.

Working with fundraising consultant Norma Johnston of the IFC (old friends of Reed Words) and architects EPR, we wrote and edited the new case for support document that the RLSB will use to drum up the millions they need to create the new building.

They seem delighted — Norma sent through the final artwork with the subject line ‘Your brilliant work!’ Let’s hope it convinces some big donors to dig deep.

UPDATE: Here’s the complete brochure as a PDF download (10MB)

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