On moving

Sam Russell
10 March 2017

Brief corporate announcement: we’ve moved office.

No big deal. No need to make a scene.

After all, it’s not like we’ve gone far. Just a stone’s throw across Soho. A ten minute stroll from our old place. A twenty minute trudge, if carrying a two-tonne bookcase.

But, at the same time, moving is kind of a big deal. Because up until now, we’ve only known one home. So before we get too comfortable in our new place, we’d like to pay homage to where it all started: 36 Soho Square.

At first, it was just Mike and Sam P, in a shoebox office at the back. Conversation was intimate. Tea rounds were efficient.

Soon we added an Afy and a Laura. And a coffee machine. A little later, we moved down the hall to a bigger office. We said hello to Tom and Sam R. We covered the walls in our work (and Post-It notes). We even found space on our bookshelves for a couple of awards.

But three and a half years later, it’s time to move on. We’re not such a young agency any more.

Our new home at 11 Golden Square fits that. It’s smarter. More grown-up. It comes with a coffee machine so wondrously talented, so clearly at the top of its game, that we’re both enthralled and a little bit intimidated.

Best of all, our new place comes with empty walls and empty shelves. Just waiting for fresh work, awards and, almost certainly, Post-Its. We can’t wait to get started.

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