So here it is

Mike Reed
9 December 2016

Christmas – again! It’s practically an annual event these days.

Last night was our Christmas party, which began with a feast of wonderfully chewy words at the German Gymnasium.

Words like weißwurst and schinkenknacker, käsekrainer and sachertorte. (It’s got to be worth learning German, just for those four alone.)

Those of us built of the sternest stuff ended up at Keystone Crescent, a secret gem in King’s Cross. There we encountered cocktails so good they defied description in any language. And not just because it was after midnight.

We had reason to celebrate. Not just because we’ve done some of our best work to date this year – like the multi-award-winning Argos packaging, a new voice for the Roundhouse (must write that up), and our current (secret) ongoing projects with Skype.


(Photo by Magpie Studio, who led the rebrand.)


No. We’re also celebrating the previously unheard-of feat of having written, designed* and printed our Christmas cards by mid-November.

We’ve stuck with the long, skinny portrait format this year. This time inspired by the different ways people celebrate the festive season.



Last year, our card ended up on Creative Review, so this one has big boots to fill. Fingers crossed. (Hint, hint, Creative Review.)

Merry Christmas, one and all.


* Actually, the cards were designed by the splendid Wheatcroft & Co.

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