Mike's talk at the Northern Ireland Design Alliance

Mike Reed
16 October 2013

My recent talk for the Northern Ireland Design Alliance (NIDA)’s Anatomy of Design series is now up on their website.

It was the first time I’ve really done anything like this — as you can tell by the fact I pretty much fail to take a breath for about 45 minutes.

But the crowd was a friendly one, and it all seemed to go relatively smoothly. I even survived quite a grilling during the Q&A — highlights of which are on the end of the video.

Then, once I was breathing normally again, I was treated to a very fine Belfast night out. 2am was probably too late to finish on a school night, but you’re only middle–aged once.

Thanks again to NIDA – especially Darragh Neely and Richard Weston – for the invitation. And to Sarah Jones and Sara Graham of Creative & Cultural Skills, who co–hosted. Terrifying, but great fun.

I’d love to hear your views in the comments, if you have a moment.

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