The first ever Meddle

Mike Reed
20 April 2013

Our client Ted Pearlman has some crazy ideas, and this was one of the craziest. It says a lot about Ted that it actually happened.

Ted brings people together: that’s his job. Whoever you need, he’ll find them. Meddle (which we named for him) was a kinda–sorta–conference that expanded on that basic concept.

Instead of combining two people, Ted brought a whole gathering together, from Britain, the US and Europe, to chew over a problem.


For the first Meddle, the problem was passion projects: how do we make them happen, when we have so much else do do?

And what a team to gather. Everyone from superstar letterer Jessica Hische to Hyperakt co–founder Deroy Peraza; entrepreneur Anil Dash to digital designer Sarah Parmenter; comedian and Flight of the Conchords star Eugene Mirman to creative director and event–maker Jenny Theolin.

For two days, we took over the fifteenth–century Temple Guiting Manor in the Cotswolds.


(Above: evening Meddling — Anil Dash, Eugene Mirman and Jessica Hische)

Film–makers Aidan Hornsby and Joseph Brett were also there to record (and take part in) events. As the inaugural ‘Middle Meddler’ – the one posing the problem – Mike got roped in for an interview.

Watch the film on Vimeo (sorry we can’t embed it).

The second Meddle is slated for Summer 2014.

(Top picture: Ted Pearlman in the centre, with facilitator Steve Emmons left and Anil Dash right.)

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