Three things I loved at #DandAD2017

Samuel Pollen
28 April 2017

Judges are sober, thoughtful, and methodical. Like Anubis weighing a heart, they hold the fate of dozens of creatives in their hands. And they take that responsibility very seriously.

I am not a judge. Which means, when this year’s D&AD Professional Awards rolled around, I got to look at stuff and say, “Oh, that’s cool,” and not think too much more about it. I was free to be irrational, and sentimental, and wrongheaded.

It’s much more fun.

So, without further ado, here are three personal picks from last night’s D&AD Professional Awards. Your mileage may vary. And that’s totally fine.


1. The Unusual Football Field Project

Agency CJ Worx and property developer AP spotted a nice opportunity to turn various odd-shaped empty lots into football pitches. The beautiful game at its most beautiful.


2. ‘Brad is single’ poster

A old-fashioned poster ad, by TRY Oslo for Norwegian Airlines. This is the kind of strong, simple work that’s been winning awards since the Sixties, and rightly.


3. ‘Looking back’ video

FCB Chicago and Clark Street Bridge’s sentimental take on Voyager 1’s ‘Paul Blue Dot’ photograph did funny things things to my heart.

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