APG Visual Colour

We had great fun writing this set of posters for a Manchester printing firm, turning the limitations of a small budget into an idea that punched well above its weight.

The posters speak for themselves – literally. Each one is printed in black on a simple white sheet, with minimal design (at least apparently). And each bemoans the fact that it hasn’t been printed by APG Visual Colour.

They all have their own tones of voice – self-pitying, envious, indignant. And woven into their complaints are the client’s selling points: APG’s six-colour press, for example, or the range of processes and finishes available.

As is so often the way, the things that are most fun to write resonate most strongly with readers. Simple as these posters were, they scooped up armfuls of awards, including the Design Grand Prix at the Rose Awards, for the best piece of graphic design that year.

APG Visual Colour
True North
D&AD In-Book (Writing for Design) 2010 / Roses: Design Grand Prix 2009 / Fresh Awards: Gold (Writing for Design) 2009 / Fresh Awards: Silver (Posters) 2009
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