Alconbury Weald

We worked on the name, positioning, strapline and marketing of this mammoth redevelopment project, at the former Alconbury airfield in Cambridgeshire.

The site — all 1,400 acres of it — is set to become not just a hub of commercial activity, but also home to 5,000 new families. There will be new schools, medical centres, shops, green spaces and community facilities. There will be half a million new trees, and new connections across a landscape once securely fenced off from the public.

It’s big.

We worked closely with Urban & Civic and our design partners at Northbank to create the Alconbury Weald name, develop a positioning for the brand, write a strapline and then apply all that core strategic work to the website and launch brochure.

The airfield has a rich history, having been in active military service from World War II into the Cold War. Mike spent a fascinating day being driven around the vast site, learning more about that heritage, and the vision for its new life.

There seemed to be dualities everywhere – an important history and a desire to look forward; a commitment to green spaces, and to creating new homes; a hotspot for business, and vibrant residential community…

Those dualities became the central theme of the verbal identity, summed up in the two-part brand line, Make|Grow.

By nice coincidence, the Alconbury Weald website has been put together by another of our clients — Positive in Bristol.

Progress continues apace, with the identity being applied in various exciting ways – see our blog for more.

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