Ink is a start-up with a simple goal: to make buying and selling your home simpler, and more transparent.

With Ink, every part of the house-buying process, from making an offer to agreeing contracts, happens in one friendly app.

We’ve worked with the team from the very beginning: our first project was to find the name.

Ink was an early favourite: a reference to contracts, and the idea of getting things ‘inked’ more quickly. 

And once the name was in place, we helped articulate the brand’s proposition, vision, mission and purpose. We developed a voice for the brand driven by simplicity and humanity. 

Then we applied all that work to the website, key messages, system emails and app interface. Ink’s founder, Simon Macdonald, loved our core brand strapline so much, he trademarked that too: 

Less paper. More Ink.™

Ink is still in the early stages of development, and our work with them continues. So watch out for more to come on this.

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