Wicksteed Park

When Alasdair McNee, Managing Director of historic Wicksteed Park, decided to refresh the brand’s identity, he knew exactly where to turn.

Luckily for us, Alasdair had been at Chester Zoo during its rebrand. He had positive memories of the work we’d done there, along with our friends at Music, and decided to stick with the same team.

Which is how Mike and Sam came to be scaling Wicksteed’s brand new climbing wall one fine June day, and testing the country’s first ever water chute ride – built in 1926 and still going strong.

In fact, we spent a long and fascinating day exploring the rides, lakes and parkland of the 147-acre site, soaking up its unique heritage and character.

That character still owes much to Charles Wicksteed himself – a visionary philanthropist who believed passionately in the positive power of play.

But it, and its voice, had become rather muted and unfocused over the years. (Hardly surprising in a brand that’s almost a century old.)

So we proposed a fresh new approach to the language, drawing on the personality of Charles Wicksteed, and the wonderfully rich heritage of the site. (It was quite the place to be in the Roaring Twenties, for example.)

Using Music’s illustrative alphabet identity, we built our guidelines around a critical Wicksteed word: ADVENTURE. (A for Ambitious, D for Down-to-Earth, V for Vivid…)

We also wrote some of the key sections of the new website, to help get the refreshed brand up and running. Which it’s now doing, with more gusto than ever.

(If anyone else has any projects that involve fairground rides or wildlife encounters, please do let us know.)

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