WorldPay Zinc

WorldPay Zinc is a new service that at last allows small businesses – even sole traders – to take credit and debit card payments.

By combining a simple, inexpensive Chip & PIN keypad with a smartphone app, WorldPay have made getting paid faster, simpler and more secure for anyone from plumbers and decorators to private therapists, independent shops and artists.

Our friends at SomeOne got the job of branding the new service. And they asked us to develop the tone of voice, plus a host of writing projects for the launch.

The way we saw it, no one running their own business has time for bells and whistles, or complex technical detail. They just want simple, clear information about the service.

The client agreed, and we put together a brief set of guidelines to help ensure their copy stays simple and on-point. Then we wrote the launch website, user guides for iOS (PDF) and Android (PDF), and the Quick Start and Troubleshooting (PDF) guides.

The launch was a great success, getting plenty of press coverage for the brand. The branding itself was featured in Design Week, among other places.

Much more importantly, the client was thrilled. And we got a nice email from Simon Manchipp at SomeOne, saying, ‘This stuff not only looks great, it reads great… You’ve done it again!’

WorldPay Zinc
Simon Warren
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