Not many retailers can claim National Treasure status. John Lewis, definitely. The late, lamented Woolies. And, of course, Argos.

Long established as the bazaar of the British high street, Argos is famous for its vast catalogues, overflowing with everything from futons to footballs.

Now, things are changing. Those catalogues are still around, but the brand is going digital in a big way.

In the sleek new stores, you can find what you need on a tablet, not by thumbing your way through to page 684. The website is more central to the experience than ever. And the brand identity has been completely refreshed.

We’ve been working alongside The Partners to update the brand, giving it a voice that better reflects its energy, warmth and smarts.

We’ve written new identity guidelines, and supported them with a series of practical workshops, helping teams from various departments get familiar with the voice.

Using those guidelines, we’ve also been working closely with Argos and The Partners on a variety of live copywriting projects, from the fabled catalogue to new own-brand packaging – even carrier bags.

It’s a genuine honour to be working with a British retail legend – watch out for more on this soon.

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