Development Securities

Annual reports tend to tell you a lot about a company’s finances, but precious little about its character. 

They’re head without heart, pie charts without purpose. Bluntly, they’re boring.

Development Securities (now U+I) wanted to do something different. So they came to us.

The idea was simple: four magazine-style features, each focusing on one of DevSec’s biggest projects. And instead of waffling on about acquisition costs and expected returns, we’d tell the human story behind each project.

We loved the idea, and spent the next few weeks enthusiastically interviewing astrophysicists at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, and chatting to traders at Shepherd’s Bush Market.

In each case, we revealed the real-life impact of DevSec’s work: the changes it was making to people and communities.

The result was that rarest of things: an annual report you’d actually want to read.

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