The phrase ‘Internet of Things’ conjures images of talking fridges and ovens we control from our phones. It feels silly, maybe even frivolous. But the truth is more practical – and more powerful.

Everynet is a Russian Internet of Things company. They use their network to control power grids, so cities can run more efficiently, and to monitor the pH levels in farmers’ fields, so they can grow more crops. In the right hands, the Internet of Things isn’t a toy: it’s technology that will transform the way we do almost everything.

Our friends Baxter and Bailey asked us to capture this spirit for Everynet’s new website. So that’s what we did:

everynet connects you to everything. So you can do anything.

For years, people have talked about the Internet of Things. How it will change the way we interact the world. How it will change everything – one day. With everynet, that day is today.

Our network is made up of billions of devices, all over the world. They talk to each other. They solve problems. They fix things, before anyone knew they were broken. They make your world more connected, more efficient, and more secure. With everynet, you can do more. You can do anything.

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