London Vision Clinic

The London Vision Clinic may very well be the best place in the world to get laser eye surgery. It’s certainly the UK’s leading laser eye surgery clinic.

When the Clinic decided to renew its identity, it very sensibly went to our old friends at Hat-trick. And Hat-trick asked us to help with the words.

Until this point, the Clinic’s communications had tended to be full of rather technical, dry stuff.

There were a lot of words, many of which most people had to look up. The Clinic’s leadership was keenly aware they needed a more human and engaging voice.

After all, the biggest barrier to pursuing laser surgery is fear. And fear isn’t exactly dispelled by intimidating, opaque language.

The good news is, that fear is groundless. The facts about laser eye surgery (by a qualified surgeon using the best equipment) are enormously reassuring.

Our Creative Director Mike is living proof: when he arrived at the initial briefing meeting in glasses, the decision was quickly made to put him ‘under the beam’.

Professor Dan Reinstein, the Clinic’s founder and one of the pioneers of LASIK surgery, was convinced that experiencing the surgery for himself, and discovering how easy it could be, would be invaluable to the writing.

He was right, of course. And we built our brochure around the reassuring theme that the more you understand the reality of laser eye surgery, the less frightening it gets.

We gave people as much information as we could, in a warm, human, personal tone of voice. We showed them that the Clinic understood their concerns, and could help. And we told them (partly through glowing testimonials) how incredible the results could be.

You can download a PDF of the brochure here (4.2MB).

We’ve since rewritten all the Clinic’s patient communications, the full Patient’s Guide to laser eye surgery, an updated version of the brochure, and new sections of the Clinic’s website.

Not only that, but Mike is now, in Professor Reinstein’s words, ‘seeing like an eagle.’

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