Loro Piana

Loro Piana, one of the world’s most exclusive fabric and apparel brands, needed a new website.

But Jaques Vanzo, their brand agency, wanted to do something far more ambitious: to create the brand’s flagship store. A flagship store that happened to be online.

That meant creating a site imbued with all the style, elegance and refinement of Loro Piana’s physical stores around the world.

And the pressure was on. Loro Piana has an exceptionally exclusive pool of regular customers: around 5,000 worldwide. And the brand’s co-owner, Sergio Loro Piana, told us that if just one of those customers had a problem with the new site, he would pull it. There was no margin for error.

The project took over two years, and involved a close partnership between Jaques Vanzo, web production company Unit 9, and Reed Words.

Our role was to set the tone of the brand, and creating dozens of sections introductions, ‘About us’ pages and product descriptions for the launch site.

We also edited the scripts for the several videos on the site, including a set all about the background and history of the Loro Piana brand.

Lastly, we wrote the case study film Jaques Vanzo made about the project, which features our very own Mike Reed in a starring role. Have a look.

Loro Piana
Jaques Vanzo
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