Love Brownies

The Love Brownies site launched in July 2010 – sprinkled, we’re delighted to say, with our words.

This lovely little company delivers beautifully gift–wrapped batches of handmade, freshly baked and, we can verify, sensationally delicious brownies.

The website was the first expression of the tone of voice we developed alongside the founder, Chantal Teal, and the designers at Supafrank.

It went like a dream – one of those delightful jobs where you feel you’ve instantly grasped the spirit of a brand – and the client agrees.

We won’t say it wrote itself, but the whole experience has been sheer pleasure. (Helped along by sample batches of a genuinely fabulous product.)

We’re continuing to write various little bits and pieces, including the Love Brownies newsletter. Scrumptious.

Love Brownies
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