Make architects have one clear purpose: to design the best buildings, places, and spaces in the world.

So when they asked us to articulate a new voice for their new identity, and rewrite 60 case studies, we knew what we were dealing with. Bold design. Expansive thinking. Ambition in spades.

As well, it turns out, as variety: everything from large-scale urban regeneration projects to plush private homes. New buildings. Old buildings. Not-yet-built buildings.

For all these different types of projects, we had to find a consistent style. One that spoke to both architects in the know, and clients unfamiliar with the industry jargon.

Working closely with Make, we honed in on a warm, authoritative voice. One that’s descriptive, without being verbose. And direct, without dumbing down.

Then, we crafted a three-part narrative structure for the case studies, based around the challenge, Make’s response, and the final outcome. A framework to capture both the fine details and the broad brushstrokes of each project.

And then… we wrote them. 69 contrasting case studies, all voiced with gusto. A nice little compendium of what makes Make, Make.

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