Silversea’s cruises hark back to an earlier age, when travel was romantic and daring.

Luxurious jaunts across the Caribbean, epic voyages in the Arctic Circle: these are holidays for those who care as much about the experience as the destination.

We helped Silversea create two brochures for their 2015 cruise programme – one for the traditional cruises, and one for their ‘Expeditions’ – adventures to areas like Antarctica and the Galapagos.

As well as the practicalities of writing two sizeable brochures (books, really), we also had the task of updating the Silversea voice.

The client was keen to create a more contemporary look and feel, as sophisticated about modern luxury as it is evocative of travelling by sea.

Our opening line captured this spirit in two words: ‘Travel beautifully’. From there, we developed a story of Silversea that captures the unique experience of discovering the world from their impeccably appointed cabins. 

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