The Flash Pack

In London, you’re never more than a stone’s throw from a photo booth. From pop-up events to weddings, shopping centres and branded product launches – they’re everywhere. 

The only problem? They’re usually a bit naff. Tired pink cowboy hats, ironically large glasses, and a parade of pretty uninspired photos.

That’s where The Flash Pack come in. They don’t subscribe to the idea that photo booths have to ooze cheese to please. Instead, they’re pairing authentic photographic experiences with first-rate experiential marketing.

The result? An impression that resonates long after the event has ended. They’re really changing the game.

They needed a voice that reflected that spirit. A fun, bold voice: irreverent, yet authoritative.

So that’s what we gave them. Working closely with design consultancy Purpose, we encapsulated this sentiment with their new slogan: 

Go bright. Go big. Go bold. The Flash Pack.

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