Union Coffee

In the 90s, people would look at you funny if you ordered a takeaway coffee. A latte? What’s that? What, to drink in the street?

That’s when Union Hand-Roasted Coffee was founded – to source, roast, brew, and sell great coffee.

They were the original independent roaster: one of the first to think about the provenance of coffee, and really invest in farmers.

The great thing about being first on the scene? You innovate the whole industry. The bad thing? Over time, your brand risks being overtaken by shoutier upstarts.

While the Union brand has always been a favourite with cafés, restaurants and those ‘in the know’, it was falling behind with general consumers. So, together with Studio Output, we’ve revitalised it. 

After lots of discussion with the client team, we developed an authoritative, welcoming and energetic voice for Union. One that speaks to baristas and beginners alike.

Then we helped them tell their story. Updated their website. Wrote copy for their packaging, and for their new print ads.

Watch out, coffee world: Union’s back.

Union Coffee
Studio Output
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