World Trade Center

We’re thrilled, and honoured, to have been asked to work on the branding of the new World Trade Center.

Few projects highlight the importance of thoughtful, carefully crafted brand language quite as powerfully as this one.

There’s an exciting future unfolding at the site – a future that will unlock the potential of downtown New York, and bring a whole new dimension to Manhattan. But clearly no one can – or should – forget the history of this extraordinary location.

Our job was to help ensure a careful and sensitive balance between these two sides of the story, in close collaboration with the team at Landor in New York.

The first fruits of that collaboration appeared in 2014. We wrote a selection of headlines and statements that appear on the perimeter fencing currently encircling the site.

Some of these introduce elements of the new buildings. Others are broader statements of the philosophy behind the project. But whatever the message, every word came under exquisite scrutiny from everyone involved. It’s such a sensitive project, no one wanted to allow for any misunderstandings.

What has emerged is a set of statements that do much more than explain what’s going on behind the fence.

They sum up – or aim to – the spirit of the World Trade Center. A spirit, as one piece reiterates, that has endured since long before 2001 – and will continue far into the future.

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