BetterMed is a new start-up that’s transforming healthcare finance. They asked us to give them a voice that would reach a potential audience of millions.

BetterMed’s founder, AJ Cohen, wanted to do something to address the often brutal unfairness of private-sector healthcare.

Credit to pay for treatment often comes with onerous conditions, and many potential patients are forced simply to go without treatment. Which is bad for them, and commercially damaging for doctors and hospitals.

BetterMed helps both sides by offering a new form of healthcare finance. A loan that’s fairer for patients, and less costly for healthcare providers.

This can be complex stuff to explain. And it’s usually bound up in bewildering, technical jargon. So we worked closely with the BetterMed team to develop a clear, humane and welcoming voice for the brand.

With those principles in place, we wrote the complete BetterMed website, as well as introductory letters to doctors and hospital CEOs.

And the work is ongoing. As word of BetterMed’s unique offer spreads, demand is growing fast, and we’re helping the team maintain the clarity and conviction of their voice as the brand grows.

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