Guitar Hero Live

We were proud to work on Guitar Hero Live, a critically-acclaimed reboot of the legendary rhythm-action game.

If there’s one place where an interface really matters, it’s in a game. It needs to be clear, and easy for newcomers to pick up and play – but also immersive. In the case of Guitar Hero, it needed to honour the game’s heritage, but appeal to a new generation of players.

We began with a discovery phase that culminated in a new voice: bold, fresh and thrilling. Then we joined the Freestyle Games team on-site, applying our thinking to every part of the game – from naming buttons to writing backstories for the game’s fictional bands, and creating social media ‘reactions’ from in-game fans.

This video review from Polygon gives a good sense of the game and its interface:

And as that review shows, the critical reception has been pretty enthusiastic. Vice’s reviewer raved that ‘Guitar Hero Live is completely under my skin, speared through it, like a piercing I never knew I wanted but now I can’t stop fiddling with because it feels so good.’ And the game scored a 4/5 on Metacritic.

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