We helped Skype create a suite of fun, distinctive chatbots – and gave millions of people around the world a new way to talk to their computers.

Chatbots open up a whole new world of computer conversation – one where good writing is key. We helped Skype, one of the platform leaders, get it right across a range of bots, including Your Face, Heston Bot and SPIKES Bot.

Too often, chatbots are either annoying, dull, or confusing to use. It doesn’t have to be this way. We worked with Skype to create distinctive personalities for a range of chatbots, and set the tone for their overall design.

There was Your Face, which gives you a bracingly frank assessment of any face you send it, and SPIKES Bot, which served up bitesize stories from the IAAF World Championships for athletics fans around the world.

From Heston Bot to Your Face, our bots grabbed headlines, and expanded the concept of what an interaction with a bot should ‘feel’ like. Most importantly, they got people talking.

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