Birmingham Hippodrome

In 2015, we were thrilled to win a place on the team rebranding Birmingham Hippodrome, alongside our old friends at Purpose.

The Hippodrome is no ordinary regional theatre – in fact, it’s the UK’s busiest single theatre, and a cultural magnet for people across the Midlands.

Every year, 600,000 people come to see everything from the Birmingham Royal Ballet to touring West End musicals and plays. It’s also home to a wealth of charitable and outreach work, and a centre for commercial meetings and conferences.

It’s a busy place.

But the identity had become rather dated and tired, and it was time to reassert the true spirit of the Hippodrome.

On the language side, we began with a review of the theatre’s communications – including the rather sneaky tactic of ‘mystery shopper’ emails to gauge the use of language in their customer services team. (Which was pretty strong, as it happens.)

Then we worked closely with Purpose and the Hippodrome team to develop a positioning and a voice for the brand that drew on all the best and most distinctive qualities of the Hippodrome.

And as well as producing guidelines, we developed a series of workshops to help Hippodrome teams get to grips with the new voice.

Now we’re into creating live materials, and it’s thrilling to see the identity spring to life on the Hippodrome website and in its printed literature. Watch this space – there’s more to come.

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