Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is an intriguing brand. It’s huge: there are 316 Citizen Advice centres (formerly ‘bureaux’) across the UK, staffed by some 22,000 volunteers. But most of us would struggle to say what they actually do.

That’s the problem we were asked to solve.

As part of a wider rebrand, we rewrote the charity’s communications guidelines, helping them find a clearer articulation of their offer as well as adding warmth and impact to their writing. And we wrote a range of documents in this new tone of voice.

So: what does Citizens Advice do? Well, almost everything. They help people who’ve fallen into debt. They support those giving evidence in court. They give free, impartial, confidential advice to people in all kinds of difficult, complex and often stressful situations.

It’s quiet, practical work – not the sort of stuff that grabs headlines. But every day, Citizens Advice makes a positive difference to millions of lives.

It’s been fascinating finding out more about that, and rewarding to help them express it more clearly.

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