We started working with easyJet in 2012, when they asked us to help define and set guidelines for their brand voice.

Sensibly, they wanted to keep those guidelines short and practical. All too often, we’d suggest, guidelines get so cumbersome you have to wonder if anyone really bothers with them after a month or two.

In this case, we kept them to a few pages, and also boiled the whole thing down to a memorable three–word description of the tone.

Since then we’ve helped out on a variety of projects for easyJet, including a training workshop on copywriting at their Luton HQ.

We’ve also tackled several pieces of more ‘granular’ copywriting. Things like explaining the cabin bag rules in just a few words, so they could fit into tight spaces. (Not unlike the bags themselves.)

There’s a pleasing, nerdy satisfaction to solving knotty little problems like these. And it’s always nice to get a complete look at a brand, from the broadest overview to the smallest detail.

We’re now engaged on a couple of much bigger new projects for the brand – watch this space.

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