London College of Fashion

A bright, confident voice for the London College of Fashion

Though part of UAL, the London College of Fashion wanted to define its own, distinctive brand. When they came to us, they were right in the middle of figuring out what that was. They’d already done dozens of internal workshops, and had hundreds of pages of notes from interviews.

We took all the work they’d done so far and assessed, clarified, and articulated it in a useful way. We created a brand architecture, with a new vision, mission and values for LCF. We refined the voice and wrote a guidebook on using it. And we gave them a toolkit of phrases and paragraphs to use across different types of media.

With a clearly articulated and distinctive vision, LCF can unite its internal marketing teams behind a shared brief – and inspire students, teachers, and anyone in the world of fashion to enrol at, watch, and partner with LCF.

London College of Fashion
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