There are close to a million young people in the UK. Many of them already volunteer, and even more would like to start. But often, there just aren’t enough opportunities in their local area.

vInspired connects these young people with existing volunteering opportunities, and helps them create their own.

The benefits are twofold. Young people gain valuable experience, helping them into jobs and degrees and broadening their outlook. At the same time, great causes across the UK gain talented, eager recruits.

Alongside our friends at Studio Output, we gave vInspired a new voice to match their new visual identity. A voice that appeals directly to young people, without patronising them – and without alienating supporters.

We also helped develop simple, powerful key messages to communicate what vInspired does. And we wrote their new strapline: Make a difference. Make your mark.

You can see the voice in action on their website.

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